Automatic Aerial Release

A breakthrough technology

A breakthrough technology which creates a safe environment for the fragile insects upon ejection from the moving aircraft. Proven and tested on site, the technology ensures the male mosquitoes safe arrival on the ground which enables them to rapidly initiate their search for females for mating purposes

Transport & Storage

Elevating capacities to new limits

Elevating capacities to new limits Senecio engineers have over come the challenges the fragile mosquitoes pose and have developed an innovative high capacity storage unit which holds millions of mosquitoes. The storage unit can be mounted on board an airplane, a ground vehicle or other devices.

Generation II

Chilled Storage with controlled release rate

Generation II offers the option to carry the millions of insects under controlled cold environment. Preventing compaction, insects are stored in a set of unique cartridges. A mobile transport unit is used to transport the insects from the lab to the airplane

Release pods

Providing safe environment for the insects

Our technology of release pods is what making the difference between a dead insect and an alive insect. Our innovative Pods were tested through intensive flight tests and proved to work seemingly together with the storage system.


Design capabilities

Our system was granted an FAA approval for the flights we had. We have the know how required for mounting our system on different aircrafts and providing the technical support in order to get the aviation approvals for flying with our equipment. Depending on the mission needs, storage capacity and region in the world, our system can be mounted on large aircrafts like the King-Air 90A, Air Tractors down to smaller ones like the Brazilian Ipanema. Our creative engineering team is ready for any challenge !